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1 / "Wild Flowers" 50x60cm oil on canvas. 2 / "Blonde d'Aquitaine" oil on canvas - 50x60cm info;
Posted on 24-mei-2018
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“La vie est belle” “Sheep in the springtime” Oil, paint, on, canvas, 50x60cm. Artist, Pierre van Dijk, Beynac-et-Cazenac, France
Posted on 26-apr-2018
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Are you in the neighborhood? I hope you visit my Maison Atelier Gallery, I Wish you a Wonderful day; Pierre. / more Info; paintings- Blog -Etc: on my website /
Posted on 18-apr-2018
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Romantic - Impressionism.

Pierre is a true Impressionist. The refined colors that Pierre mixes consist of a combination of a limited number of colors with which he creates an inimitable harmony of colors.

Impressionism is still popular today. We find impressionistic works of art in museums and galleries, but also in calendars, reproductions, posters, memo blocks. "Blogger" One of the leading contemporary post-impressionists is Pierre CA van Dijk.Popular with viewers and galleries, his paintings are exhibited worldwide. as the USA, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries.  "Maison / Atelier - Pierre"  Beynac et Cazenac, Dordogne France.has more than 1,200,000 visitors a year. Pierre van Dijk combines impressionistic and post-impressionistic elements. His paintings are often "plein air" paintings, just like the classical impressionists. The impressionists were the best forum for observing and representing nature would be in the open air - and that is why their works were called square air paintings. , instead of light and artificial lighting of the studioIn the hands of talented contemporary painters Impressionism will, I believe, remain a very popular art movement. This style combines harmonious innovation and accessibility, characteristics that are evident in the beautiful post-impressionist, paintings by
Pierre van Dijk

"Colors have their own beauty that must be preserved, as one strives to maintain the sound quality in music" - Henri Matisse."

No one is an artist unless he has his Painting in his head before he starts painting it, and he is certain of his method and composition" - Claude Monet.

Kind regards.

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